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Hammering it home

September 16, 2010

This isn’t a great ad, but it does something very unusual for political advertising, it takes it’s time.

I really like the way the ad, has the clips in the beginning, Kerry then Spector. While I’m not sure if that’s effective in this case, I appreciate the fact that they don’t just jump into the attack. So often you see ads that rush to make their point because they know the clock is ticking.

The ad then spends spends the last twenty seconds going back and forth on the flip-flop.  This ad probably could have been done in thirty seconds, it could have made the same point, showing Crist’s flip-flop on health care.   But this sixty second version is probably more effective, not just because it’s longer, and not because they use the extra time to cram another point in there, but because they use the extra time to hammer home the one point they’re trying to make.

Not sure why I don’t like this ad more, maybe it’s the snarky tone of the narrator, somehow it feels like the ad is trying just a little too hard. Like that obnoxious stranger you just met, they’re a little too eager, so you (or maybe it’s just me) become suspicious or just need to push back a little. In any case, I’m not sure it strikes the right emotional tone, but it still worth taking a look.

Too Literal?

September 8, 2010

New ad from Charlie Crist.

He gets points for trying something different, just not sure spelling is really the way to go.  Is spelling Americans from Democrats & Republicans really a powerful message?

This ad feels a little gimmicky, not so bad that the gimmick is unrelated to this message, but not really powerful either.

A jaded perspective

September 3, 2010

I can’t tell with an ad like this one, if I’m just too jaded and cynical or if the ad is really as lame as I think.

I watch an ad like this one, and I ask myself this question:

“What’s the context for their claims?” Or put another way, “Just what the hell are they talking about?” Whose jobs got eliminated? Is $8 million a lot for a bank president? A little?

It feels like I’m only getting part of the story.  Now I know this ad is only 15 seconds, but I don’t believe it. Maybe an independent voter in Florida sees it and thinks, “Wow, that Sink is awful.”  But to me it feels like an empty charge, and what’s worse, it feels like their trying to hide something from me.

Here’s the problem with an ad like this one, beyond the obvious waste of resources (money, time, etc): Every attack you made that doesn’t land erodes your credibility. It makes the next one less likely to be believed because this one seems fishy.

Just one problem

August 16, 2010

I like the fact that they’re trying.  But I think there’s a problem, when the worst element of your ad is your candidate. Sink comes off as robotic and lifeless.  When the two guys fighting in the background are more interesting than the person talking in the foreground, well, you may want to rethink the ad.

In the End a beginning

August 3, 2010

Pretty good intro ad from Meek.  The order is a little strange with two negatives then the intro, but alright.  I really liked how the intercut Meeks with the validators (Mom, police captain, and skycaps).  Don’t know if it’s enough with three weeks till the primary, but it gives me a better feeling about Meek.

Thought it was a little odd at the end to say, “but it’s not about me…,” when he just spent the last 25 seconds talking about himself and what he has done, the line seemed to set up what he will do, but didn’t really go anywhere.

Hopefully for Meek, the same won’t be true for this ad.

And we’re off

July 27, 2010

That was fast, they probably had these ads ready and waiting. Instead of responding to the Meek attacks with a defense (and really what would the defense be, I didn’t make that much money when I ruined the economy), Greene goes on the attack.

While neither ad really grabs me, I think they do enough to muddy the waters.  Meek comes off as a corrupt politician.  Now, I think if Meek’s original attack had landed, he wins this round. It’s a good lesson, just because you throw a punch doesn’t mean you’re going to hit someone.   The problem for Meeks is that Greene’s checkbook is unlimited, if he goes toe to toe with him, he’s going to lose.

The Greene ads are good enough, well produced, but not really standout.

Because this round is a draw, it’s really a win for Greene.

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