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Hammering it home

September 16, 2010

This isn’t a great ad, but it does something very unusual for political advertising, it takes it’s time.

I really like the way the ad, has the clips in the beginning, Kerry then Spector. While I’m not sure if that’s effective in this case, I appreciate the fact that they don’t just jump into the attack. So often you see ads that rush to make their point because they know the clock is ticking.

The ad then spends spends the last twenty seconds going back and forth on the flip-flop.  This ad probably could have been done in thirty seconds, it could have made the same point, showing Crist’s flip-flop on health care.   But this sixty second version is probably more effective, not just because it’s longer, and not because they use the extra time to cram another point in there, but because they use the extra time to hammer home the one point they’re trying to make.

Not sure why I don’t like this ad more, maybe it’s the snarky tone of the narrator, somehow it feels like the ad is trying just a little too hard. Like that obnoxious stranger you just met, they’re a little too eager, so you (or maybe it’s just me) become suspicious or just need to push back a little. In any case, I’m not sure it strikes the right emotional tone, but it still worth taking a look.

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