A jaded perspective

I can’t tell with an ad like this one, if I’m just too jaded and cynical or if the ad is really as lame as I think.

I watch an ad like this one, and I ask myself this question:

“What’s the context for their claims?” Or put another way, “Just what the hell are they talking about?” Whose jobs got eliminated? Is $8 million a lot for a bank president? A little?

It feels like I’m only getting part of the story.  Now I know this ad is only 15 seconds, but I don’t believe it. Maybe an independent voter in Florida sees it and thinks, “Wow, that Sink is awful.”  But to me it feels like an empty charge, and what’s worse, it feels like their trying to hide something from me.

Here’s the problem with an ad like this one, beyond the obvious waste of resources (money, time, etc): Every attack you made that doesn’t land erodes your credibility. It makes the next one less likely to be believed because this one seems fishy.

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