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What’s wrong with this picture

August 9, 2010

I’m a sucker for ads like this one, I love testimonials, especially unscripted ones like this.  But somehow this ad falls apart for me, right after they mention David Cicilline.  Can’t put my finger on why, my best guess is that I feel like there is a story here, but we’re not hearing it because it’s the same political mumbo-jumbo.  It’s a good setup with a weak payoff, like the underrated move “Signs.”

I do love those opening lines of the ad though.

Here’s the other ad they’re releasing:

Kinda the same issue, though this one I feel they’re playing a little too precious.  I feel like I should like the ad, but I just don’t, it seems like it’s trying too hard, and maybe not subtle enough.

Live by the sword

August 4, 2010

I showed the Romanoff ad the other day, here comes the Bennett response. I think it’s pretty effective. Using the newspaper as a third party validator is particularly effective here, since the language is so harsh.

This ad isn’t pretty and it’s a pretty standard setup (the rebuttal, the truth, the choice), but I hate it when the quotes become closed captioning as CG, what’s the point?  Even in an ad like this, when you have great quotes, I think it would be better to have the CG’s and the voice over in sync but not repeating.

I have to say Romanoff had it coming. When you start playing with the truth to such a degree that the leading paper in the state says it is “cynical politics,” then you’ve gone way too far.

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