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More from West Viginia

October 12, 2010

It’s a nice idea to counter the problems John Raese has run into by trying to hire actors to play West Virginians.

Too bad the ad looks like something produced in 1985.  From the bad backdrop to the flame wipes to the stilted read off the teleprompter. It’s a wasted opportunity to hit back, when you produce something that is so obviously inferior quality.  Third party validators are great, but if the production quality is not up to par, it effects how the ad is perceived.

What’s wrong with this picture

August 9, 2010

I’m a sucker for ads like this one, I love testimonials, especially unscripted ones like this.  But somehow this ad falls apart for me, right after they mention David Cicilline.  Can’t put my finger on why, my best guess is that I feel like there is a story here, but we’re not hearing it because it’s the same political mumbo-jumbo.  It’s a good setup with a weak payoff, like the underrated move “Signs.”

I do love those opening lines of the ad though.

Here’s the other ad they’re releasing:

Kinda the same issue, though this one I feel they’re playing a little too precious.  I feel like I should like the ad, but I just don’t, it seems like it’s trying too hard, and maybe not subtle enough.

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