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Off-Target, Style over Substance

August 2, 2010

Target has gotten themselves in the crosshairs (you like that bit of word play) by donating $150,000 to the group that sponsored this ad in favor or Republican Governor candidate Tom Emmer.  It’s a can of worms that all corporations are going to have to face as/if they enter into the political fray.

Is the ad any good? Yeah, it uses kinetic typography, which is a style I really like and I’ve talked about a lot. I also really like the silhouette effect at the end, that’s way cool. Still, I think it’s a lot of effects, but I’m not sure what the point is?  The best I can figure they’re copying the Ford ad like old Rory Reid did (which I looked at here), even the voice is similar.

Otherwise, the effects are supporting what’s happening around it, they’re flashy, but not particularly helpful. I hate it when style trumps substance and form is given the upper hand to function.

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