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Some Inspiration

December 1, 2009

I drove up to New York for Thanksgiving.  It was about a five hour drive on the way up and seven hours on the way back.  So I had some time to listen to one of my favorite podcasts: Radio Lab.  I mention it today because I’ve already told two or three folks about the show on Parasites which was the last one I listened to.

The show is a cross between this American Life & Science Friday.  I happen to think it’s one of the best produced shows on NPR (admittedly that’s about five shows I listen to).  It use of sound and interview technique is really innovative and interesting, and has given me several ideas, I want to incorporate into my TV ads some time (remember if you see something you like, steal it — thank you Carol Dysinger).

Anyway take a listen, good storytelling is good storytelling whether it’s audio or video.  While the last couple of ads I’ve showed told a story with video, you can tell a story with audio that’s not necessarily a voice telling you, you can show with audio too.

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