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Reality speaks for itself.

June 5, 2012

Been a long absence — a lot of travel, and I keep meaning to post, but I’ve been too tired and distracted.  But I saw this ad today, and it kinda annoyed me, so I thought I’d take ten minutes to share my annoyance:

The ad is actually shot pretty well, nice shots, readers of this blog should be able to guess what drives me nuts about the ad…. Did you guess yet?

I think the acting in this spot is flat, and it’s made worse by the language, “Folks who want to keep things going the same way in North Carolina….” Lines like that are political rhetoric not how people talk, it’s a talking point, not casual conversation.  They try to juxtapose that language with some casual lines (“is he not well,” “good guy…”).  I guess the reason this spot bothers me so much, is that it feels like the creators are smart enough to know they can’t just use talking points, so they’re trying, but they can’t help themselves.

The lose the real in the message. If this ad had tried to have less message, but more real, it would be a better ad. Still it was shot pretty well…..


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