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A good day for ads

September 29, 2010

It’s a good day for political ads.  This ad from Ron Johnson is pretty darn good. I guess you could call it a comparative ad, it’s done in such a matter of fact way, that it’s particularly effective. Without the vitriol, it allows viewers to like Johnson, to relate to him, and then see his point about Feingold. Sometimes less is more, sometimes it’s often better to invite people in than push them in through the door.

The ad is inspired by this UPS Whiteboard video.

The issues in the ad are almost irrelevant to the fact that Johnson isn’t a lawyer, somehow that conveys a sense that’s also not a politician. Much like the Scott Brown ads, he’s making himself likable first. Over at the Fix, Chris Cillizza talks about the key to this ad being that it’s so different from other ads and it makes Johnson different as well. That’s true, though I would say the key to this ad is that it shows Johnson as different as he tells you as much.

Don’t see this everyday

September 28, 2010

Don’t often see a spat between consultants over plagiarism or maybe immitation is the more favorable description:

The ad in question is this Grayson ad.

Compared with this Spitzer ad.

It’s been a bad day for the Grayson consultant, what with lying in one ad, and being hit for plagiarism in this ad. I have to say, I have a lot of respect for the creator of the original, Jimmy Siegel and the Spitzer ads in general, and right now not much respect for the folks who are making the Grayson ads.

I don’t agree with Siegel’s assertion “you’re not allowed to shamelessly copy things in other mediums, but for some reason some media consultants have no shame.”

I think a good ad can and should be shamelessly copied if it’s relevant to the race you’re running,it’s authentic to your candidate, and you can bring something new to it. My problem with the imitation in this case is that it just feels like Grayson didn’t really add anything new, didn’t “make it his own.” It just copied the form of the Spitzer ad (down to the 8mm flash frames) and just threw Grayson in there with his kids instead of kids by themselves.  It misses the subtlety and freshness of the original, neither parodying it nor adding to it.

Siegel got this part right, “And to add insult to injury, they did a lousy job.”

This caught my attention

July 7, 2010

Despite the slew of political ads, every week, I’m looking for something interesting and unique to write about, an ad where the blog post starts getting written inside my head.

This ad caught my attention, and I didn’t even know what I was going to say, but here goes.

First things first, I liked the when I first watched it.  I’ve talked about Kinetic Typology before, and often I think it’s not used well.  Well in this ad, I think the form and the function match up pretty well.  Though the ad is derivative of this Ford ad with Denis Leary:

I don’t see that as a negative.  It’s using the cache of that ad, it’s macho and hip and slightly irreverent, by mimicking the original (done to the attitude and sound of the voice over) this ad becomes those things as well.  It uses the typology very well, representing overcrowded class, cutting education, and cuts to teachers.  I also really like the line, “If you’re thinking, aw man, just another political ad,…” It’s surprising and grabs my attention, and it shows a certain understanding of the process (though I’m not sure if downloading Rory Reid’s plan is the solution to that thought).  While you may never consciously say, this guy gets it, I think that thought passes through the audience’s mind. It’s a nice way of connecting with them — whether it actually shows up in a poll or not, I think it makes Reid more likable.

This ad works because it’s having a conversation with the audience.  It’s a nice swipe at Sandoval because it doesn’t appear mean spirited, it’s almost playful in tone.

My biggest worry about an ad like this is does it fit Rory Reid.  While they mention the candidate, he’s not really in the ad, and I’m left wondering if he’s as hip, stylish and in your face as this ad is.

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