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Four Ads, six words each.

August 18, 2010

There’s a slew of ads that I’ve been looking at for a few days now to post something about.  In the spirit of ad infinitum, rather than caught up saying the perfect thing about each of them, I wanted to pass them along.  Taking Six Word Memoirs as inspiration, I decided to try and limit my comments to six words each. I wish I had six ads, there’s more symmetry there, but never let the perfect be the enemy of the good:

“Wasn’t as harsh as I thought.” Or “Serious sin?  A prostitute? Say it.”

“Good quotes. But over the top.”

“Interesting idea. Mediocre execution. Pretty good.”

“Clever. Cute? Good script. Ok execution.”

“A friend did this, pretty clever.”

Plain Vanilla

August 10, 2010

First ad up for Rep Charlie Melancon. The ad doesn’t do much for me, pretty vanilla. I get the message of it, which I think is fine, but not really impressed with him. The delivery is fine, but the ad seems transactional. It’s missing any emotional component that connects me to Melancon.

The ad leaves me cold or at the very least, leaves me feeling nothing, which is a problem in my book. The background and suit and tie aren’t helping him either, feels very formal.

It seems they were aiming for voters heads not their hearts, and even if they hit their mark they missed the target.

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