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Getting back into the game

September 25, 2012

Been a while since postings, part of that is I’ve been busy, but also I find it difficult to find something to post about that I’m really interested in.  Most of the ads I’ve seen are pretty standard fair. I like un-standard, that’s what I want to write about… ah well.

In the interests of posting, some quick thoughts today.

I always find the word “liberal” as a throwback to the 90’s when Republicans were using it like a four letter word. I like the graphics of this spot, they’re neat in a Matrix kinda way, though not sure if they’re adding to the message or just neat.  Also, not sure I’ve ever heard a more cranky/crotchety disclaimer.

Next up, a new Tester ad. I can’t tell if I like this ad or not. On one hand it’s a clever concept, and they stick with it.  On the other, the talking animals are a little… creepy. The first time I watched the spot, I was so caught up in animals talking, I didn’t even listen to what they were saying. Also, what format are they shooting on? For a professional ad for a big senate race, the video looks really cheap and crappy I noticed this last time, I reviewed a Tester ad). Still I give them points for trying something different.

Do Production values matter?

April 27, 2012

Interesting ad from John Tester. It’s a total gimmick ad, but I like the concept. I think the gimmick works here because it’s on message and on emotion, the key elements for any ad, but specifically an ad that revolves around a gimmick. Tester has never seemed Washington, so telling people he packs his Montana steaks, the nice touch with the boots (and the shot of the TSA agent looking at the x-ray of the steaks) works here because it matches what we think of him already.

What I don’t like about this ad is the execution. The shots are a little sloppy, the lighting is really flat (especially at the end of the ad), even the audio sounds a little crunchy. Frankly the ad feels cheap, more like a low budget commercial, then a commercial for a US Senator. Maybe that’s a stylistic choice, but I think you can be homey without looking cheap.

A good story with poor production values still works, and I think this ad mostly works. The sloppy and cheap execution do hold it back though, it feels less real, more staged, less believable somehow. Compare this ad with the gimmick ads from Hickenlooper, those were highly produced and yet still felt intimate and personal.

So a good concept taken down by poor execution. At least they’re trying to be different.

It’s hammer time

August 5, 2010

This is a hammer spot, cause it’s about as subtle as a hammer.

Straightforward, not overdone, but it’ll take some repetition for it to sink in, and eventually it make with enough money behind it. It’s what I’ve called before attrition warfare, just line the armies up and go at it. Pretty typical for political attack ads. Also pretty cheap to produce.

Still I don’t think it has the impact per airing that this ad (which I reviewed previously) has:

What if they had just listed the amounts without voice over, then cut the quote of him saying he couldn’t recall, then the votes. I think they were trying to tease out the beginning of the spot, to get the viewer curious, but I just don’t think it works.

A hammer’s not subtle, but often times in politics it’s not death by 1000 cuts, it’s death by 1000 hammer blows. I just wonder if there’s not a better way.

Get what you pay for

July 28, 2010

Bear with me, this is my first post on my iPad, and I can’t figure out how to paste the video into the post other than this:

[Editor’s note: What do you know it worked. Go iPad.]

DCCC announced it’s target states and this :30 ditty. I like the idea of the contract on America, and they deliver an incredible amount of information in thirty seconds. But I find the execution incredibly pedestriation and overdone. [Editor’s note 2: The site that pointed me to said said it was a thirty when in fact it is :50, still a lot of information, but not nearly as impressive as I thought.]

The music is way over the top, and for a spot without VoiceOver, music is especially important.

The spot was obviously done on the cheap no v/o, simple pictures and graphics, probably cost no more than $3-$4K.

Sometimes you get what you pay for I guess.

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