Guilty pleasures

We all have them, those movies or TV shows that we enjoy even though they’re maybe a little goofy or silly.  We know we shouldn’t enjoy them as much as we do, but we enjoy them anyway.

I enjoyed this ad immensely, though it’s effectiveness comes down to the the simple fact: How much viewers believe it and how much they care?

They really went for it, the concept is clever though not a new one, but the execution is pretty tight, and they really stick with it through the entire video.  That’s what separates a video like to to one that starts with a good concept but quickly veers off into political speak or message. This video never breaks the concept to make the point, it stays on-message but also in character.

Now my quibble is the message, “Joe & O” is catchy, but is attacking Machin for being Obama really going to work in two years from now?  There’s something that feels petty to me about the message, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Still, the video made me smile. They carried the concept all the way even into the usual disclaimer language at the end. Nice job, pisses me off, but nice work.

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