Final Push Connecticut

This ad came out about a week ago, and it got lost in the shuffle of my day job.

I think this is a very powerful, very moving ad.  McMahon feels authentic and honest in it. It’s not complicated design wise, it doesn’t have to be does it?

My only issue with this ad is how it fits in with the rest of her campaign? I haven’t seen all the McMahon ads, but this one feels like a new piece of information for voters, it shows her as passionate and caring in a way I don’t think they have before.  With two weeks left in the campaign (when the ad started to air), that’s a huge piece of information for voters to work into their story of who Linda McMahon is — business woman, WWE CEO, rich,…caring and passionate?  The problem is it’s not the last piece of information that sticks with folks, its the pieces of information that fill in their stories, the stories we all create for our candidates (and for us and the “why” we chose the candidates we do).

It’s a good ad, but I think this story has already been written.

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