Angle takes a new angle

[Update: The ad has been removed from youtube by a copyright claim. Here’s a link to view it. ]

Two ads from Sharon Angle, this time though instead of fighting it out on Reid’s record, they go for the emotional jugular that Reid is out of touch.  I really like this ad, I think it’s well done. I do wonder who this woman is, guiding us through Reid’s out of touchness, but that aside, I like its snarky tone, it’s not over the top, doesn’t overplay the attack, but still strikes home the message that Reid is out touch, in an interesting way.

In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a political ad like this one.  It uses a spokeperson, not the candidate or a real person, I find the spokesperson likable which helps as well.

The strength of this ad is that it powerfully reframes the race as a contest between Harry Reid and “you” rather than a choice between Reid and Angle.  In some ways, that’s what she’s been trying to do the entire race, but hammering away with issues, she was making a rational case. The subtext of this ad is much more emotional and visceral, it could have easily slipped into the petty, but it toes the line.

Great ad.  One of my favorite of the year.

The other Angle ad tried to accomplish the same goal, it’s pretty good, but has neither the charm nor the innovation of the first. If this was the only ad Angle was running on this issue, I would say it was effective, but not necessarily a game changer.

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