Now I’ve seen it all

I have to say I’ve never seen anything quite like this ad. It’s a mixture of compelling, disturbing, amateurish, and odd all at once.  I’d wonder if it was real, but it comes via Politico.

The initial CG in yellow and red is long and hard to read, and I wonder if they were saving money not using a narrator or if that was for dramatic effect. And then the CG in the middle — are we supposed to be more angry that’s he’s for mass killing of animals or that he undid a deal that was two years in the making?  Do we really need that piece of information at this point?

Also, I’m all for good sound design, but the dog and cat sounds at the front are a little much, and the dog barking uncontrollably at the end, while I’m sure was intentional feels like a mistake.

People are really into their pets, so the issue might have some traction, but executed this way it feels haphazard and not professionally done.

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