Sometimes we all get too greedy

Looks like the primary race for Colorado Senate is now in play.  I looked at a Michael Bennett ad a while back commenting that how dishonest it seemed for him to be playing the Washington isn’t working card, since he is in fact a sitting Senator.

Here’s the latest attack from his opponent:

A bit generic for my taste, more like a haymaker than a knife to the back, but alright.  Unless of course, it’s all a lie.  The Denver Post headline of the ad review says, “Romanoff’s ad is over the top,” then goes on to detail how the facts of the story are basically a lie.

There’s a real problem with negative attacks besides being boring and forgettable, they gotta be true behind a shadow of a doubt.  The campaign has to be able to stand behind the attack 100%.  Now that’s not to say there’s not a short term benefit for Romanoff, and recent polls show him close or slightly ahead, so maybe it’s worth the risk to his credibility in the long term to make the play in the short term (after all, he did sell his house to afford the air time).

It’s this sort of thing that makes people had political ads and politicians.  When ads get greedy with the truth everyone loses.

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    […] I showed the Romanoff ad the other day, here comes the Bennett response. I think it’s pretty effective. Using the newspaper as a third party validator is particularly effective here, since the language is so harsh. […]

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