Dueling Arkansas ads

I had meant to write a dueling ads post when looking at the Halter ad, but I got distracted by other issues.

I find the Lincoln ad much weaker than the Halter ads.  The ad teeters on the brink of being interested and connecting, but swerves too much into rational argument and does not do enough to leverage the power of emotion.  Lincoln’s actually really good to camera, the problem is, I just don’t believe her.  I like the I know you’re angry at Washington, but I feel it isn’t followed up with anything, won’t back down to the Unions and Banks? Huh?

I wish she had just stared with, “I’m Blanche Lincoln, and I approve this message because I’d rather lose this election fighting for what’s right, than win by compromising on my values.  I know voters are angry….”  The other crap is really useless here, for Lincoln to win now, she has to show voters she gets it, she needs to connect with them, and show them she’s seen the light.

Now that’s pretty unlikely given that she hasn’t “gotten it” yet, and there’s little reason to believe she’s making anything other than an election eve conversion.  And that’s the problem, when you don’t really believe in anything (or at least don’t appear to believe in anything) other than getting re-elected, you don’t engender any loyalty in voters.  The mistake the campaign has made from the first ad I reviewed was trying to tell voters what was in it for them, rather focusing on connecting with voters.  Given recent polls, Arkansas Democrats are obviously decided what’s in it for them is sending a message.

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