Book Club “Starting with Why”

My real work kept me from blogging last week.  But I wanted to write  a quick post about a new book I’m reading, “Staring with Why.”

If you’ve read “Good to Great” or even “Its not what you sell, it’s what you stand for…” then you probably don’t need this book.  Having looked at those books, I find “Starting with Why” much more approachable, at least for me.

The book basically posits that while most companies focus on the “What” they do (air travel, build computers, make cars) or occasionally the “How,” what really motivates and inspires people to buy your product or service or even vote for your candidate is the “Why.”   “Why” talks about the purpose in what you do, “Why” is your values or principles.  “Why” is about authenticity and connection not manipulation.

The idea of “why” is something I think about both in my own company, but also on the campaigns I work for. “Why” is what makes companies like Apple or Southwest successful, “Why” is what underlies the appeal of the Obama campaign and the failure of John Kerry.

The book isn’t very research heavy, but is very readable, and without a doubt work a look.

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