Sometimes it’s the simple things.

Really nice opening ad from Cal Cunningham.  I think the open is stronger than the end, with the bleached out shots of the flag and out the bus window, it’s more evocative and emotionally powerful.

The line “Now I want to fight a different kind of war…” feels like an awkward transition to  the issues section of the spot, which I’m not sure they really needed.  They could referenced service again, and kept it more general, like “Now I’m running for the US Senate, to service again by breaking through the partisanship in Washington, and help the people of North Carolina…”  This middle section is the weakest part of the ad.

The ad comes back strong with it’s disclaimer, “I approve this message, for them.” It’s unusual and somewhat mysterious so it gets my attention on a part of the spot that’s usually a throw away.

Like I said, overall this is a strong opening spot.  While I don’t feel all warm and fuzzy for Cal Cunningham, I like him and what to know more about it.  Like a look bio movie, the ad doesn’t try to tell you everything about Cal Cunningham’s life, but it takes some episode that says something larger about the person.

I’ll be looking out for the follow up to this ad to see what they have in store next.

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