iPod v. iPod

In my last post I show the iconic iPod ad.  Well before that one there was this one:

Well it’s not bad.  But it ain’t iconic and doesn’t inspire the same feelings as the what we’ve come to know as iPod ads.

Everyone can misfire once in a while, even Apple.  When you think about this ad versus the “Hey Mama” which one do you think better represents what you think of as Apple in your mind?


One Response to “iPod v. iPod”

  1. jules Says:

    true. not iconic to ad critics. but the campaign was on its way. this is an “educational ad” where we learn how to “use” the iPod, then the spot explains how to dance, and then finally how to put the iPod into your exterior jacket pocket. 100,000,000+ people followed all three steps precisely (the spot is still a useful reference tool for beginners). this may, indeed, be the most successfully followed commercial of all time, and it paved the way for the higher concept-y silhouette ads.

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