Heather Graham & Health Care.

I was on a plane today, and I watched the movie “The Hangover.” It was pretty good, amusing enough to keep me distracted (and who doesn’t like a good tiger in a car routine).  It’s a good cast, and I was impressed with Heather Graham in a bit part.  It reminded me what I liked about her so many years ago in the brilliant “Boogie Nights.” (Thinking of that movie, PT Anderson must be a great director, Graham, Burt Reynolds, Mark Wallberg & Julianne Moore all gave the best performances of their careers.)

I don’t know if Graham is a good actress, but she has a strong quality: She’s innocent and sexy, charming and quirky.

When I landed I saw this new Move on.org ad staring… Heather Graham.  Ha sweet coincidence.

Unlike the American’s United for Healthcare which compared the health care industry with baseball, and ultimately didn’t make any sense, this ad actually makes the point quite well.  It doesn’t need to mention the legal restrictions to competition either.

Using Heather Graham is a bit of a MacGuffin in that it ultimately isn’t important who represents the public option, but it sure ads attention.

My only gripe with the ad would be the bibs on the front of each of the actors to represent who they’re supposed to be.  It works, but it’s not the most elegant solution, also it’s not shot as well as it could have been.  The closeup of the dropped burger is nice, but I wanted more.

Still, that’s an artistic quibble. As a message delivery device, this ad is very effective.

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