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Been busy couple of weeks, work travel and my son’s six year old birthday. I’ve kept an eye out for interesting stuff, but frankly, it feels like the dog days of ads — both political and general. A lot more health care ads, nothing I or you haven’t seen before. Don’t know if I can catch another Corzine or Christie ad, can’t imagine how the people of New Jersey feel.

Saw a good Napa Auto Parts commercial with a guy tailgating, but I can’t seem to find a copy online.

Saw “Inglorious Basterds” which is brilliant and might be my favorite Tarrantino film, yes better than “Pulp Fiction.” The movie opens with 20 minutes of talking, just talking, and it’s absolutely riveting.

I’ll end this post with a link to the official White House Flickr feed.  Inspiration comes in all forms, and you don’t have to be an Obama fan to appreciate the artistry in some of the photos.  In fact, I’ve used them as examples in a couple of storyboards already.  Some pretty amazing stuff there.

And just to prove my point, here’s a commercial for Senator Inhofe. 

Now I’d never vote for the guy, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking this ad is brilliant.  Iconic images, but what really sets it apart is the fact that it’s so authentic — it doesn’t try to run away from a “negative” image, but actually turns those qualities around as positives.

Inspiration is where you find it.

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