It almost tastes real…

This ad is by the same folks who brought you this ad in Nebraska.

In my opinion it suffers from the same failings. It’s so close to being really good. They have some beautiful shots, the guy with his uniform, walking the corn fields, leaning on the tractor, some nice transitions too (hell, I even like the cricket sound effects), but they have the guy talking to camera and it just doesn’t work.

When regular people spout talking points it doesn’t work, let’s say it together now, it doesn’t work. I actually like the end when he asks to camera, “Senator Grassley, who’s side are you on?” That seems honest, if staged.

But for a saying his neighbors want a public option and Grassley has taken over $2 million from the big insurance industry, just doesn’t feel authentic — it makes the ad feel political. It’s like he’s stopped telling a story and started reading me a poll — one works, one doesn’t.

PERSONAL NOTE: My wife thought it wasn’t so bad. She thought the guy is better than most, certainly better than the guy in the Nebraska version. I’ll agree with her there, but it still feels like talking points, and not like he’s talking from the heart.

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