Too little too late?

If it wasn’t for Health Care, I wouldn’t have much to write about these days.

Looks like the pro-health care side is finally fighting back, trying to define what reform means for folks. That’s pretty important especially since the anti reform gang has the easier job of ginning up fear of change and the unknown.

The ad’s pretty simple, and it goes to my point in the previous post, sometimes it’s ok for the ad to get out of the way of the message.

That’s very much the case here. Of course, this ad has a $12 million buy behind it, which takes a simple ad pretty far. That’s a lot of repetition.

I have two questions: First, did this effort come too late. There’s been a lot of talk and debate, an ad like this should have come at the opening of the effort, not in the middle/end. Is it too late? Are people too set in their views?

Secondly, you’re spending $12 million on your buy, and you make a spot that looks like stock photos (which it probably is)? Look they chose good shots, but couldn’t you kick in $50k for a shoot, get some cool footage?

How much more effective would that $12 million be if they really tried to make an emotional connection as well.


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