Can’t get enough of those health care ads

Please excuse the typos and grammar — my copy editor (my wife Nora) is on vacation.

Here’s another health care ad by Move On:

You know, I like the fact that they’re trying — a good metaphor is a great way to connect to a complex issue. That said, trying is about all I like about the ad. Maybe I’m over thinking this thing, but it’s really piss poor execution. The football through the air looks kind of silly, the music is overdone, and while I like the fact that they tried a metaphor, I’m not sure what the metaphor means or why I should care. Is it really a powerful metaphor? A political football? What’s at stake with a football in the air? Besides the metaphor, it’s kind of your standard political presentation.

Compare that metaphor with this one on health care:

The ad, produced by Americans United for Change, uses the symbol of a snail. What’s more the tone, the voice over and the music match with the concept.

Look, the ad’s not perfect, but it really sells almost the same argument in a much more effective way. You get the stakes, it mocks Republican’s delay tactics without being mean or too insider. We’ve been talking about health care for years, go slower? We’ve been moving at a snail’s pace. The only reason to go slower is to kill it. Makes sense, connects. Got it.

Metaphors are good, but you got to pick the right one to make them work.

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