“We hold these truths…”

In honor of the Fourth of  July, I thought I’d post two videos of the Declaration of Independence.  Both have some interesting things going on visually.

The first, produced by the NFL before one Super Bowl or another.   Let’s face it, the Declaration once you get past that awesome beginning, is kinda a boring laundry list of complaints against the crown, this is kinda like the highlights (coincidence the NFL would produce a highlight show of one of the great historical documents).

I love the use of the fisheye lens for some of the closeups (like the Alan Page shot at 2:25) and the camera movement.

Here’s a Hollywood version, complete with, yes women reading (a limitation of the NFL’s version), it’s a little longer, but I do appreciate the intro that puts the declaration into its historical context, while also telling the story of how it has inspired our country to overcome its own limitations.  I think the staging is neat, and I like how the camera tracks through the readers at the beginning.  Beware, it’s 14 minutes long, we were really pissed at the British back then.

Happy Fourth of July.

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