RNC Health Care Ad: Five Comments

New ad from the RNC complaining that Obama isn’t being bipartisan on health care and claiming his plan is another “government takeover.”

It’s not a bad ad, and the message is pretty close — talking about a “government take over” (get it, like GM, or AIG, huh? Scary, right?); and you can’t go wrong with the phrase, “government bureaucrats”, to create fear and loathing in an audience. Still, it feels a little sad sack to me.

As promised in the title, five comments:

1. Why is the text on the screen repeating the voice over almost word for word? What’s the point of that?

2. When the ad says, “Republicans want health care reform,” it shows a picture of an African American woman and an Asian American man. ‘Nuff said.

3. The ad keeps saying, “Republicans want”, which is annoying (shouldn’t it be “Americans want”?), but more importantly, I’m not sure Americans trust Republicans on health care or really care about a bipartisan bill.

4. Along those lines, do people think Obama is “rushing” into health care (or “another government takeover”)?

5. “Tell President Obama to work with Republicans” sounds just plain whiny to me.

Also, the ad is 1 minute — which makes me think it’s just a show buy; place a small buy on cable or network to get into the news cycle and get some free air time.

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