Washington Post on GM & Chrysler Ads

The Washington Post Style section leads with an interesting article comparing the advertising of the two companies comeback ads.  I think the article is particularly enlightening,  especially given my glowing review of the GM ad.  Chrysler’s ad campaign, “We Build,” takes a business as usual approach.

One element that stood out  is that both ads according to the article were researched, which I think says something about the nature of research.  In “Hey Whipple Squeeze This,” (library day pick) Sullivan says something like good research should inspire (sorry don’t have the book in front of me).  Taking a look at the ads, which one seems more inspired to you?

I actually like the Chrysler ads, I like the “we build” concept, and while its a pretty tradition ad within the car ad genre its really clever and well executed, its not a Volkswagen ad, but its really good for what it is.  Here the rub, I can’t help but wonder if it misses the mark?  Does saying its business as usual make it so?  Does ignoring the problem help make it go away with time?

But another way, they’re telling a story about their cars (and company), but is it the right story?

I’m just as guilty of ignoring a problem as anyone (just ask my wife), but it usually doesn’t work (just ask my wife), and eventually you usually have to face it one way or anther.

Will this approach work for Chrysler?  Is Chrysler’s position different than GM?  Yes GM is in Chapter 11, but Chrysler isn’t exactly on the solid financial footing.  Re-invention versus business as usual, it’ll be interesting to see where these campaigns lead for both companies.

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