Today’s Inspiration

While reviews will make up the bulk of this blog, I’m not really a critic — or if I am a critic, it’s because I want to be inspired by great ads, great stories. Too often you see the same old stuff. This isn’t just true of commercials or political ads and videos; it’s true of any medium. Everything can’t be great, right?

I’m always looking for stuff that I think is neat. I keep a slew of videos in my iTunes library to remind of techniques and styles I can use in my work (read “steal,” but that’s another conversation about different types of creativity, isn’t it).

This is an old version of an ad I saw there the other day; I can’t remember if it was on tv or the internet. I think it’s pretty cool. It’s not political and I’m not going to break it down and review it. I find the visual technique interesting.

Today, it’s enough to say it’s neat, it inspires me. I hope it can help inspire you, too.

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One Response to “Today’s Inspiration”

  1. KZ Says:

    I just noticed that ad the other day too and thought it was a very interesting approach with crossover potential to other platforms. I am going to show it to a current client!

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